Ultimate Breast Milk Smoothie
These smoothies are particularly useful for teething babies, little ones not wanting to accept mom's milk in the whole form and for those baby's who might be hesitant accepting textured foods. Your baby will happily slurp away on this nutritional creamy treat.
Recipe type: Smoothie
  1. Blend ingredients in blender
  2. Use a strainer to be sure no chunks remain
  3. Add to the smoothie for your preferred consistency, to thicken or thin, add more breast milk or more fruits (or ice) if needed
  4. Pour smoothie into sippy cup and watch baby enjoy!
  5. You can also pour the breast milk smoothie mixture into these awesome BPA-free bpa free popcyclepopsicle holders, freeze then let baby suck and chew. These are perfect for teething little ones!
Recipe by Melissa Malinowski, ND at https://www.integrativenutritionaltherapies.com/ultimate-breast-milk-smoothie/