Beet Kvaas - The Blood Tonic
Fermented beverages are the original sports drinks. Like other lacto-fermented drinks, kvass is more hydrating than even water. In order to remain hydrated, our bodies require a balance of electrolytes. Cultured beverages like kvass help restore this balance without the sugar and preservatives of modern “sport drinks”. Beet Kvass is traditionally heralded as a blood and liver tonic. In fact, beets are high in betacyanin which can dramatically increase the oxygen-carrying ability of the blood.
Recipe type: Beverage
  • Filtered water
  • 3-4 beets
  • 2 tablespoons unrefined sea salt
  • Glass jar (1 gallon)
  1. Wash the beets of any dirt but, do not scrub or peel the beets. Our aim is to keep the delicate bacteria on the skin of the beets in tact so that we can encourage their multiplication during fermentation
  2. Cut beets into large chunks
  3. Add the beets to your jar
  4. Add sea salt
  5. Add filtered water to ½ inch below lid (top)
  6. Cover with cloth, paper towel or coffee filter and leave on counter
  7. Allow to ferment for ~2-7 days out of direct sunlight. Weather dependent
  8. All but the beets and 20% of the liquid, strain through a cheese-cloth or other strainer, placing your liquid into a pitcher then store in the refrigerator. That is yours to drink!
  9. Add more water to your beet and water starter in the original container. You can repeat 1-2 more times with the same beets. Just keep about 2 inches of kvaas for your new starter
  10. Drink 1-3 ounces per day for liver and gut support
Note: this recipe is without using whey, so the salt is doubled from Nourishing Traditions recipe.

*Recipe is for a 1 gallon jar, so adjust as needed. 1 quart jar= .25 gallon, 2 quart jar = .5 gallon.
Recipe by Melissa Malinowski, ND at