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Lights in blur

I’ve never been a fan of mass consumerism of the big box stores the day after a day of giving thanks for all we have, so I will be at home today with a cup of hot chamomile tea instead of tackling stores, traffic and crowds.   I will, however, be doing some Christmas shopping […]

apple butter

If you love apples or applesauce, you will think apple butter is just heavenly. Apple butter is so delicious and healthy! And the best part – it is so easy to make. And this recipe is totally kid approved! Ingredients 4-5 pounds of organic apples, washed, peeled, and chopped ¼ cup filtered water 1 teaspoon […]


If you love salty, sweet and crunchy just like I do, you will love this holiday treat or gift idea! This is a simple, yet elegant holiday party snack or real food gift to give to friends and family. Ingredients 1 cup raw nuts of choice (I like pistachios, pecans, almonds, hazelnuts) 1 pound dark […]

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