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Cat and Dog Health Concerns? Vaccine Questions-should you vaccinate, what are the possible side effects-what are your rights? What kind of food should you feed your pet for optimal health?  Pet tooth brushing? Does your pet have anxiety? Heartworm concerns? Skin issues? Diabetes? Cancer? Any Metabolic Imbalance? Lack of energy? Too much charged energy? Allergies? Naturally handle fleas and ticks. Click here to get started to a healthier and happier PET with a wellness consultation.

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The largest – life changing – real food event of the year is coming up! The Wise Traditions 2014, the fifteenth annual international conference of the Weston A. Price Foundation being held November 7-10, 2014 at the JW Marriott Indianapolis Hotel in Indianapolis, IN. The theme this year is “Focus on Food”. With the first-class […]

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  Who say’s you have to hand out candy which is full of GMO corn, sugar and artificial colors and flavors at Halloween? Not ME! We all want our kids to feel amazing, have natural energy throughout their busy day, have balanced hormones, excellent focus and a sharp memory for their growing brains, especially when […]

How I healed my own cavities

If you have tooth decay, it is safe to say that you are deficient in fat soluble vitamins A, D and K. (Source). So, how can you heal your own cavities and other dental imbalances? This IS the million dollar question, isn’t it! I had a lot of cavities as a little girl. I just […]

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Did you know that traditional sodas used to be healthful nourishing and refreshing beverages? That is a far cry from the GMO sugar laden, acidic, caffeine loaded and artificial colors and flavor filled sodas that are available to us at the grocery store. This traditional soda is fizzy, bubbly and mouth-watering and is rich in vitamins, […]