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Cat and Dog Health Concerns? Vaccine Questions-should you vaccinate, what are the possible side effects-what are your rights? What kind of food should you feed your pet for optimal health?  Pet tooth brushing? Does your pet have anxiety? Heartworm concerns? Skin issues? Diabetes? Cancer? Any Metabolic Imbalance? Lack of energy? Too much charged energy? Allergies? Naturally handle fleas and ticks. Click here to get started to a healthier and happier PET with a wellness consultation.

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Ketsup is one of America’s favorite condiments, from adding it to sweet potato fries to your grassfed burger. But store bought ketsup is loaded with corn syrup, devitalized vinegar and other artificial and questionable ingredients, that are linked to obesity, blood sugar issues, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease and cancer. With this lacto-fermented traditional version, you […]

Natural Gift Ideas

  I’ve received lots of requests for a list of gift ideas for that special person who appreciates health, wellness, nutrition and safe non-toxic gifts. Here are my favorite natural gift ideas for the whole family, including our beloved pets! I hope this helps make your holiday shopping more smooth, thoughtful, creative and peaceful. One […]

Paleo Eggnog with Turmeric

  What I love most about this drink is that it is comprised almost entirely of hormone precursors and fat soluable vitamins and activators such as Vitamins A, D, E and K to help boost your immune system, balance blood sugar, support adrenal function (your stress handling abilities) and it is fuel for the brain. […]

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